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Meio ambiente

TECNOELASTICA is synonymous of environment.
Our operating philosophy is designed with the objective of improving our ecological system and environment, establishing and conducting an intensive control of the following priority objectives:

  • Energy efficiency.
  • Strict compliance with environmental legislation.
  • Assessment, monitoring and minimizing the environmental impact resulting from our design and manufacturing processes and also implementing clean processes and enhancing the use of recyclable materials.

Recyclability and sustainability:

A significant element of sustainability is the recognition that the planet's resources are infinite. As the world population continues to grow exponentially, the pressure on our non-renewable resources is increasing, this generating the need for innovative and sustainable solutions. The concepts of sustainability can be widely applied to the  industry on many levels.

TECNOELÁSTICA gives priority to the following aspects:

  • Lower total cost of energy for manufacture and transport.
  • Lightweight (transportation and ergonomics).
  • Energy saving (thermal insulation).
  • Security (handling, breakage).
  • Durability.
  • Freedom of design.
  • Recycling capacity.
  • Energy Recovery Facility.


Viscoren ® is a 100% recycled material ..

Metal surface treatment:

TECNOELÁSTICA relies on the excellent work of ASUMHER SL, one of the best nationwide companies in this type of treatment, which has the ISO-TS and the corresponding integrated environmental authorization that understands and meets the requirements of ISO-14001 environmental.

The bath component used are organic and free of cyanide, and includes passive products which removed the hexavalent chromium and transform it in a trivalent, therefore it will much less contaminant.

The treatments selected by TECNOELÁSTICA to provide great guarantee and durability in our product are:

  • Five blue, Black and Iridescent high resistance to corrosion based on Cr3.
  • Sealing organic high corrosion resistance.

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